My ultimate cake inspiration

My ultimate cake inspiration

So this is it – my first blog, it will be a blog about my cakey and business experiences to date and other such musings, interspersed with helpful marketing advice from Rob Watson (a great friend of mine and an experienced and resourceful marketing manager)…

So to kick it all off I thought I would share where my cake passion and interest all stems from…

It’s not an unusual story for a caker, I think most of us cakey lot developed our love of cakes through baking and decorating with our mums or grans when we were younger, but the reason I wanted to share my story is my mum is exceptionally talented and never had the resources available to showcase her beautiful work to the masses. That is where this blog post comes in….

My earliest memories are baking with mum and watching her create beautifully decorated wedding cakes. My mum was also self-taught, gleaning information from books or just learning by instinct, amazingly all made free hand and by sight like this expertly piped Royal Iced wedding cake she made for my sister. Mum didn’t work from a pattern nor scribe points around the cake, nope mum just “did it” and executed it beautifully.

Below is my brother’s wedding cake completed with a gorgeous handmade  sugar bouquet, this scanned photo really doesn’t do it  justice. I remember everyone at the wedding thinking they were real flowers, it really was fantastic, even more so  as it was the first one mum ever made (not that you can tell!!)

My mum recruited me to make a couple of sugar figures for her cakes when I was about 13. The first was for the reverend from our church portraying him dozing off in his armchair with his sock hanging off his foot. Pretty good for a first attempt…

The second was for my Grandma’s 70th featuring her in her tae-kwon-do outfit, nurses sister hat, her 6 babies, (looking like a harassed mum) completed with a few faves of hers (chocolate cake, noodles, ten pin bowling, champagne) I was so chuffed to be part of mum’s cake process!

  Last but not least – this is the beautiful wedding cake mum made for mine and Eddie’s wedding. This was outside mum’s comfort zone of  the traditional RI wedding cake, as I didn’t like fruit cake at the time (I love it now!!) and so a feather sponge non pillared wedding cake was requested by us and once again mum pulled it out of the bag with her first ever American style stacked cake. Completed with handmade sugar flower spray.

I think you’ll agree my mum sure is one talented lady, she never went into business as with 5 arguing kids to look after, there was never the time or as many resources and marketing tools available. To mum it was always a hobby that she loved, but if it weren’t for all those hours watching mum and baking and decorating with her, then my passion may have never been ignited and I wouldn’t be in this career that I LOVE – so a big thank you Mum and Happy Mothers Day for Sundayxx


Hope you lovely lot enjoyed seeing where my initial inspiration stemmed from, I’d love to know who was the person that inspired you to become a caker? Let us know in the comments box below…..

24 Responses to “My ultimate cake inspiration”

  1. Mrs M says:

    Fantastic! Your mum has a real skill and how fantastic that she managed to pass that on to you.

  2. Alison Inglis says:

    Lovely first blog post Laura – and we can now all see where you get your talent from! Your Mum was definitely a super caker!! My inspiration comes from my Auntie, who like your Mum, made all our wedding and special celebration cakes. I was thrilled to bits last year when she was sent a piece of the cake I made for my Mum & Dad’s Golden Wedding and announced it was as good as any she’d ever made, praise indeed. She also gave me her famous fruit cake recipe, which I feel very honoured to own. Look forward to your next instalment.

  3. laura says:

    Thanks Francisca – glad you like them they are gorgeous aren’t they :)

  4. Andrea says:

    What a lovely blog post. I really enjoyed reading that, and what talented ladies you both are! :)

  5. laura says:

    Thank you Andrea, so pleased you enjoyed reading it as well :)

  6. laura says:

    Thank you Alison, I can imagine how happy you were when your Auntie gave you that comment. I always look to my mum for her opinion on my cakes as it really means a lot to have her cakers seal of approval lol. Thanks for the comments on my mum’s wonderful cakes too :) xx

  7. Laura, I reallly enjoyed reading where it all began. Your mum will be so proud of you! xxx

  8. laura says:

    Thanks Lisa :) xxxx

  9. Wendy says:

    Lovely blog Laura. Like so many of us cakey people my inspiration came from my mum and nan, although they didn’t make anything like the wonderful cakes your mum made…what a talented lady. x

  10. laura says:

    Thank you Wendy, where would we be without our mum’s and nan’s hey? All these comments are so lovely – I can’t wait for my mum to see them, she deserves recognition for her talent, unfortunately she finds it hard to do the piping now because of her bad thumbs, so glad we have these photos. It was hard narrowing down which ones to feature xxx

  11. mum says:

    i might have bad thumbs but I can still go hitch hiking

  12. laura says:

    hahaha – mum (or should I say Dad??) is that how you plan to go on holiday on Tuesday, “all thanks to mum and her hitchiking thumbs they managed to get all the way to Lanzarote” :)

  13. Lynsey says:

    I really enjoyed reading this Laura and as the others have said you are both very talented. Im looking forward to my first taste of Chic Cakes tomorrow at my Nan’s 90th meal.xx

  14. Dawn Leckie says:

    Wow what an inspiration to have, my passion/gift came from my grandad I remember as a very small child watching him royal ice his wedding cakes and always got a ball of marzipan to eat at the end!!! your work is amazing and I look forward to reading your next blog x

  15. dad says:

    should be a piece of cake with those thumbs

  16. Chintal Kakaya says:

    Hi Laura,
    What an amazing first read, ur mum surely is extremely talented and u have definitley got her talent. My passion for baking and decorating came from my mum too I always used to sit and watch her bake all my birthday cakes and my sisters cakes. As time went on she stopped baking and at the age of 13 I started baking, I then taught myself by reading and watching videos on you tube on how to decorate cakes, stack wedding cakes etc. I look forward to reading more of your blogs u are one exceptional cake decorater, one day I hope to meet with you x

  17. laura says:

    Thanks Lynsey – really hope you enjoy it. I have just finished painting the fruit and fruit bowl – it’s looking pretty dam cool :) xx

  18. laura says:

    Thanks Dawn – great to hear your inspiration was so similar to mine re the RI cakes and the marzipan (I never liked the stuff myself though, used to wait for the dried bits of icing when mum had practiced on a bit of greaseproof :) ) Hope the next blog hits the spot too xx

  19. laura says:

    Haha – (I see what you did there Dad) ;) Lanzarote here we come xx

  20. laura says:

    Wow – thank you for your comments Chintal! Great to hear about yet another mum inspiring a fellow caker :) xx

  21. Claire Brodie says:

    What a loving tribute to your Mother’s incredible natural talents. I simply adore her creativity and the flowers on the cakes are astounding. There is no doubt you have inherited her skills and I get really fascinated by your inventive and empathetic interpretation of people’s requests. Me? I have a cake appreciation gene and enjoy the eating part Laura, the desire to create is there, the knowledge is lacking. Would love to be part of any project you have in teaching us “How to”. Making sugar flowers etc. Looking forward to seeing more xx

  22. laura says:

    Thanks very much for your lovely comments :) I like people who have the cake appreciation gene – they make me happy!!
    I will be looking into these ideas in the future regards blogging how to demonstrations and techniques. Thanks for your input :) xx

  23. Lauren says:

    WOW! Carol – talented Mamma! Love the stories and the cake she made for you and Eddie is gorgeous. Very impressed by your first attempt at sugar figurines Laura…from then, you were destined for massive cake success. Congrats on Mamma Jamma – fabulous website! xxx

  24. laura says:

    Thanks Lauren – glad you’re feelin the love for the new name and site :) – looking forward to working with you on future cake photography!

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