Warning. Very adult cakes.


Warning. Very adult cakes.

So this week involved making some very naughty (but hugely fun) cakes for a VIP. Not too sure if I can name drop, so I won’t, but she is founder and director of a very high class adult retailers (hence the theme), and for her special birthday party she held a Cunt-ry Fair at a hide away venue in Herefordshire. The request was put forward to Miss Cakehead for some fun and risque cakes, the request was taken and handed on to me and another baker (the fabulous Nevie-Pie Cakes) and below is my take on the idea;

First of all Psychadelic Rainbow Vagina Cupcakes which were a mix of Baileys Mud Cupcakes and Lemon Cloud cupcakes, with a dash of lickable cum! Inspiration for these was lifted directly from the Cakehead Loves Evil Blog by an unkown baker. I think they pretty much scream Cuntry Fair and therefore had to be included on the list!!


That was going to be the only thing I produced (apart from a surprise birthday cake for the occassion too) that was until I laid my eyes on these little beauties, push up cake pops! Apparently they are becoming increasingly popular and are a take on the push pop lollies we all had as kids, in these kits you get the empty pot, stick and lid ready to be filled with layers of cake and sprinkles (or any type of sweet or sickly food you may happen to want to shmush into one cavity and gorge on all at once!) So, I am not sure what it says about me, the first thought that sprang to my mind was “cock pops”.


Given the subject matter surely I can be forgiven for having such thoughts? On thinking more in depth about the idea it was apparent it needed to work on a surprise element and play on the hidden treats that lay within; so I swiped some fabulous images used for cake pop sticks from Bakerella‘s site and shrank them down to use as stickers on the lids and also wrapped the holders in vibrant candy stripe wrapping paper.

That way the enjoyment was all about popping the lid and pushing up the stick to reveal the over sized mocha choca cake pop enrobed in white chocolate (or dark chocolate) dependant on the cultural background of the member in hand ;) even smurfs were accounted for in this array of multi cultural cocks – alas I forgot to take a photo of the smurf cock pop!! – but believe me he was there.


I have to admit I LOVE these cockpops – I reckon they are an ideal addition to any hen party, if you wanna order any then feel free to contact me on laura@mammajammacakes.co.uk :) they are priced at £8.00 each and can be adorned with any personal preferences upon request (think Prince Alberts, Tattoos etc)

Last but not least on this delightful array of naughty cakes is the one that may just tip you over the edge, it is grimly realistic and was ordered as an additional surprise birthday cake, inside lurks a 9″ delicious swirled lemon sponge carved and covered in fondant and handpainted with edible paint. This was inspired by the original vagina cupcake again as seen on Cakehead Loves Evil‘s blog and made by Holly Andrews

So this concludes one of the most fun and tiring weeks in caking so far, involving non delivery of goods, late delivery of goods and needing to hide these beauties from my two young children, resulted in lots of late night caking! But great fun to push those boundaries (and the sniggering from my inner child as I hand modelled the appendages kept me most entertained of the evenings lol) So what do you think? Would any of you fancy tucking into any of these?

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  1. Michelle P says:

    I should coco!

  2. brianna says:

    Wow! I like to make these for my friends birthday, im a bsking fanatic and would love to learn how to make these!!

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