Crowning Baby!!

Crowning Baby!!

My friend ordered this for her sister’s baby shower cake, she was insistent that she wanted a cake like the vagina one I have previously made but with a redheaded baby crowning from it! Granted it’s not pretty – but childbirth just isn’t!
So here it is;

Yes it is a beautiful, amazing, wonderous thing in itself, but as a process there aren’t any ways you can make it look sweet and rosy. My friend knows that when people ask me to sculpt a cake they tend to be on the realism side rather than the cutesy side –  It’s just how I am as an artist. This was not the nicest googling experience I have endured either – but it is sculpted as true to form as I can find. I know it will offend some people, but it is a piece of cake art and art isn’t always pretty.
This is a chocolate cake with vanilla white chocolate buttercream filling, handcarved and handpainted to achieve the mottled skin effect.

10 Responses to “Crowning Baby!!”

  1. Lisa says:

    .. it really is a piece of art and so realistic makes you look twice … well done another awesome Mamma Jamma creation .. xx

  2. Paula says:

    Wow! You’ve done a great job

  3. rachel green says:

    thats brilliant xx

  4. Wow i love all of the hard work that was put in this cake now this is what you call art

  5. this is a work of art!!!

  6. That really is a piece of art laura! Your paint efffects are amazing, not sure I could eat abit though xx

  7. Violet smith says:

    This is amazin really impressive wouldnt want a slice but the amount of work in this cake amazing bravo xxx

  8. Helen Groves says:


  9. julie michaud says:

    Just lacks the “pooh” to be truly authentic!!

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