A Wolf in Sheeps Clothing…

A Wolf in Sheeps Clothing…

I absolutely LOVED creating this cake, sculpted and painted cakes are my all time favourite to make.
Although it was a headache making sure he looked wolf like rather than dog like (I know, I know they’re both canines) but when someone asks for a wolf cake you really want it to look more like a wolf than an Alsation!
Or a Lamb…..Believe me (and I wish I had taken photos of it to prove it) when he was first sculpted, the legs were shorter as only the top parts of his legs are cake (down to about his “knees/elbows” whatever the canine equivalent is), he had no ears as yet, no bushy tail and a very oval shaped head – he definitely looked more like Larry the Lamb than Jack the Wolf.
The next stage of sculpting and shaping led to him becoming more like a sheepdog (at least I was stepping in the right direction) and finally when the legs were lengthened and the tail added he became like a Wolf……hmmm actually still a bit dog like, perhaps an Alsation :/
It was decided, with the help of some of my cake friends, that if his nose were pointier then he would definitely be a wolf, though some thought he was a wolf already and suggested it would be the painting of him that would be the deciding factor on this.
So last stage of the sculpt, before I could be let loose with my new airbrush and get this Bad Wolf painted, I shaved his snout down a little more and added a bit more of a mane around his head.
Then with all the newspaper laid out to protect my kitchen I got to try out my new toy, a cakey toy I have longed for – an airbrush sent to me by DinkyDoodle Designs. It was fantastic being able to layer the colours quickly and effortlessly and definitely saved me time on the foundation work of his colour.
In order to achieve the depth to his fur I layered whites with greys and tans giving him some definition in areas with a fine spray of black. Then to get all the finer fur details, around the eyes and nose, I used my trusty hand painting techniques.
My cake crew were right once the nose had been shaved and the colours added he did look a LOT more like a wolf – but there was just something about those eyes  - they seemed far too innocent, friendly and imploring to belong to a Wolf.
So the final decision I made was to change the eyes – and whilst I know that wolves do not have oval shaped, reptilian looking pupils, I feel there is always a time for artistic license and this was one of those times. The change in his eyes just shifted him, in my opinion, over to Wolf!
However, some still think he looks like a dog, albeit Wolf like dogs (Alaskan Malamute was suggested) but seeing as all dogs are descendants of wolves and the Alaskan Malamute is one of the closest breeds to a wild wolf I can’t complain – and at least he’s no Larry the Lamb!
Oh and why the name Jack? Well it’s after the wonderful Mr Jack Nicholson. and the film Wolf, of course.





3 Responses to “A Wolf in Sheeps Clothing…”

  1. dinkydoodle says:

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! so glad you got to use your airbrush and that you enjoyed using it xxxxxx I loved reading you’re blog… it really mafe me howl!! ( get it??)

    speak soon
    Dawn x

  2. kenny cooper says:

    hi,saw your cake it looks fabulous,my wife is forty this year and i would like to get her a wolf cake for her birthday as she is heavely on wolfs,how much would a cake like that cost or something similer on a smaller scale,look forwardto hearing from you,regards kenny.

  3. Laura Edwards says:

    Hi Kenny
    Please email me any enquiries for cake orders/quotes to laura@mammajammacakes.co.uk :) Many Thanks for your comments x

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