Birthday Bakes

Birthday Bakes

Nom Nom Nom

A plate full of gooey chocolate Brownies and white choc chip Blondies ready and waiting for my son and his mates to feast on in celebration of my (not so) little man’s 11th birthday! (Where do the years go?)  I was given orders to make these as he has spent the last 3 birthdays without so much as a home baked crumb from me (guilty mother here), it’s also his last year at primary school so there was no way he was going to let me off with it again!!
Before he left for school I also treated him and his sister to our favourite family celebration breakfast of ours; American style Blueberry Pancakes, drizzled (or in their case drenched) in Maple Syrup and served with fresh berries.

Added to the request of tasty bakes to share and tasty pancakes to gorge on came the obligatory request for an awesome birthday cake. As he has not received one of my sculpted cakes for 3 years I have felt hugely guilty about this fact – last summer Alice Cooper took over with the need for a Silent Hill Nurse cake which we delivered to London on my sons birthday, the previous 2 years we had been on holiday and so he had (shock horror) an awful supermarket cake (hangs head in shame) whilst we were there.
This year he wanted a standing Marvel comic book hero of Deadpool or the more obscure Marvel comic book villain of Fin Fang Foom – both of which I LOVED the sound of and was eagerly anticipating the challenge.
Sadly this week it was not to be thanks in part to the RBS banking failure and in part to poorly children we had to change our plans which left me with about 3 hours to quickly pull a rabbit out of the hat – or in this case a cake out of the box.
Deadpool of Fin Fang Foom will still be made for him – now I’ve had the idea handed to me there is no way I can’t bring them to “cake” – but for now we decided upon a skull cake…..

say cheese!

The Dark Brotherhood Password to the Dawn Star Sanctuary (or so I’m told) ;)

Please excuse the poor photos, I was rushed on photo taking too, we were running late for his birthday meal!  The one (billionth) birthday request he did have was for me to place a hand print and the words “SILENCE, MY BROTHER”  on the skull or board somewhere as featured in Skyrim – his current Xbox obsession!

With no time to make a template of the handprint I had to go for it freehand with the airbrush but I was pretty pleased with the result….

Best of all he was delighted with the cake, and he still has a promise of an even better belated birthday cake coming his way soon, and my mum guilt has been lifted for now!

   So all that’s left to say is Happy Birthday Dude :) Part one of your birthday baking   now complete – part two (Marvel Hero/Villain cake) to follow soon… watch this space!

And finally….. Just thought I would share my “mucking about with picasa pics” on this skull cake – I really liked some of the effects that could be achieved on the subject matter…



Infra Red


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