Birmingham Zombie Walk 2012 – CAKES!


Birmingham Zombie Walk 2012 – CAKES!

Powered by Monster!! Some of the amazing artists working their zombie magic on the waiting crowds

You see that pretty lady above? Well that’s me that is ;) The face behind Mamma Jamma Cakes all gored up by just one of the many, amazingly talented, make-up artists at the Zombie Walk Birmingham 2012. Seriously these guys worked ceaselessly for hours to turn hundreds of zombie fans into zombies of all description – hours of their own time and vats of their own (fake) blood were provided by them for free in order to help create a goresome zombie horde ready to invade the streets of Birmingham.
These were just some of the crew of zombie and charity loving folk all putting their immense time and efforts into creating a terrifyingly fun event. All in order to raise much needed funds for the Birmingham Childrens Hospital; this is the 4th annual Zombie Walk to be held in Birmingham and is the brainchild of Jamie Chapman and Punk Zebra



My zombie loving friend Koo clocked this event come up on her facebook feed and within seconds we Coventry based zombie loving lot had decided we were going to attend, Coventry is right next door to Bimingham  and so it was a “no-brainer” (don’t you just love the puns) for us to do as all good zombies do and flock to the densely populated city!

Delectable Delicacies

Delectable Delicacies



Not wanting to turn up empty handed to any party (I was brung up well you know!) we arrived with Mamma Jamma Cake style supplies with which to feed the zombie hordes. I would have loved to create a badass fully sculpted Zombie Cake to hack up and dish out – but with the short notice and practicalities of it we realised this would not be possible (at least not this year). Instead I spent a couple of days whipping up batches of cookies, treats and cupcakes.




Ready to be devoured…..


A last minute dash was made in the morning of us leaving, as I felt no zombie feast would be complete without braaaaaainnss to feast upon, to knock up a severed and scalped head with gouged out eyes and a tasty display of brains glistening in the sun to entice the Walkers to our delectable table of delights. Not bad for a VERY quick piece of cake art, – with more time I would have gored him up much more but as is so often the case during zombie attacks – time was not on my side!

They can still hear you and see you….


All the edibles we sold were handmade, painted and detailed without the use of moulds or cutters – props to my sister for helping knock up some severed fingers ,ears and eyeballs with me. The undead crowd loved them and we happily sold out (with 100% of all proceeds going to the charity) of the 250+ items we made.

Next year – Mamma Jamma Cakes will definitely be back at the event, hopefully bigger and badder to help do all I can on the cakey side of things to raise more money – perhaps this time with that badass sculpted zombie cake to raffle off at the event? Who knows? But one thing I do know is that I CAN NOT wait to become an undead citizen once again – we had so much fun and met so many interesting and amazing people at this family friendly event – my kids LOVED it too.

Most Importantly of ALL if you did not manage to make it to the event this year then it is not too late to visit the Just Giving page to donate some cash to this worthwhile charity  and next importantly of all – if you like the sound of this event go ahead and recruit a crew of fellow zombie lovers and make sure you come along next year. Keep checking the Official Birmingham Zombies Website, Follow them on  Twitter and Facebook for more information and to keep an eye out for the official footage and photos from this year!  

On top of all that hop on over and check out a whole host of amazing pictures from the Birmingham Zombie Walk 2012 over at Flickr. There’s also a link to an article int the Birmingham Mail for more photos of the event itself there’s some freaky costumes going on – the effort people went to was unreal.

And Finally…….I’ll leave you with some more pics of the cakes we made for the undead…….

Care for a nibble on an Infected Brain anyone?


Choose your Weapon…. Sugar Cookies

Zombie Flesh Eaters....

Zombie Flesh Eaters

Zombie Marshmallows for the kids…

Biohazard - it's how it's gonna start....

Biohazard – it’s how it will all begin…

The Gathering….

Zombie Gingerbread Man – that fox is gonna get it now ;)

Sugar Cookies signal a Zombie Apocalypse in 2012?

I’ll be adding more pics soon – Were you there? Let us know your comments and thoughts (whilst you still have a brain to think them)  below;





4 Responses to “Birmingham Zombie Walk 2012 – CAKES!”

  1. tracey says:

    I love this so much Laura! Im a HUGE zombie fan! In particular ‘The Walking Dead’. The brains are awesome! Im waiting for my brain mould to arrive so I can hopefully make chocolate ones LOL
    The fingers are fantastic too, awesome work xxx

  2. Laura Edwards says:

    Thanks lovely :) The Walking Dead is indeed one of my favourites – in fact pretty much ANYTHING zombie related appeals to me. I was very happy with the mini brains – didn’t use a mould for these but thinking perhaps it may have saved me some time :) lol xx

  3. These were fantastic Laura. Thanks so much for coming along and helping to raise extra money for Birmingham Children’s Hospital. We hope to see you there this year.

  4. Charles says:

    -ing !

    Professional or for you and yours; I hope someone is enjoying your sweet sweet skills as of late !!!!

    -Just saw your work by way of stumbleUpon, jaw on the floor. Well done.

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