About Us

Urban Dictionary Definition of Mamma Jamma: sexy, classy, beautiful, hot, edible…
Most of our cakes fit this description – hence the name of Mamma Jamma Cakes!

We are a husband and wife team who grew this business out of a love of baking, creating and engineering!
It all began with my love of baking and decorating from a young age and then creating cakes for our childrens birthdays more and more compliments were given with each cake and I eventually decided to set up a cake business. With my artistic background and love of sculpting my cakes began to go down a much more sculpted route.
The more unusual and developed the designs became the more Edd’s creative engineering mind would need to adapt cake stands and devise internal cake skeletons for me – or to help me in making these cakes light up or move. That was when we rebranded from Chic Cakes (clearly these cakes don’t fit the Chic variety – a younger, funner name was needed) to Mamma Jamma Cakes and now specialize in sculpted centrepieces.
We have a particular love for anything cult/retro/sci-fi/reptilian/gore/tattoo style.

Each creation is unique, handcrafted and made exclusively for you – we will never copy any designs that you send us as we like our work to be as individual as you are.

So step forward and give us a cake challenge – anything is possible in the world of cake. Not much phases us and we will endeavour to create the cake of your dreams (or nightmares) ;)

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