Birmingham Zombie Walk 2012 – CAKES!

You see that pretty lady above? Well that’s me that is The face behind Mamma Jamma Cakes all gored up by just one of the many, amazingly talented, make-up artists at the Zombie Walk Birmingham 2012. Seriously these guys worked ceaselessly for hours to turn hundreds of zombie fans into zombies of all description – […]

Birthday Bakes

A plate full of gooey chocolate Brownies and white choc chip Blondies ready and waiting for my son and his mates to feast on in celebration of my (not so) little man’s 11th birthday! (Where do the years go?)  I was given orders to make these as he has spent the last 3 birthdays without so […]

One Wedding, some Kilts and a few Full Moons!

My fabulous family holiday in the wonderful Emerald Isle was not entirely work/cake free, the main reason we holidayed in Ireland was to join my extended family in the celebration of my Aunt Isobel and (now Uncle) Stewart’s wedding day. For this reason my break was not entirely devoid of cake making for they wanted […]

Nanny State prevents Mums Bakes

One of the things I loved about school days were cake sales! Walking to school clutching an old quality street tin filled with the delicious gooey flapjacks that my mum had lovingly made. (You won’t find a better flapjack than my mums!) Showing the contents proudly to my teacher and beaming with pride as she exclaimed how yummy they looked. […]

Cake International Live competition

Not only did I enter the Decorative Exhibit competition at Cake International but I also pushed myself forward to enter the LIVE!!! Cake Decorator of the Year competition on the Sunday as well! The cake I planned to recreate is my now infamous Fisher Price phone cake as seen above. Unfortunately Lady Luck (or should […]

The 2 Dads in my life….

My first blog post under the new name of Mamma Jamma Cakes was originally going to be about the reason behind my name change, or the making of the Kerrang Clown cake!  BUT – you are going to have to wait a little longer for those posts as instead, on Fathers Day, I simply want to […]

Is your gravestone website losing you business?

When was the last time you updated your website? Every business needs a website. The benefits of owning your own space on the web are great, but just because you have a website doesn’t mean your aren’t loosing out. Forgive me for generalising here, but there are 2 types of websites. Those that are lively, […]

Are you letting your best customers forget about you?

Are you guilty of the same marketing mistake that most businesses commit? Do you believe that marketing is mostly about finding new customers? The truth is, the best customers for your business are the ones that have already brought a cake from you. So ask yourself, when you are planning your marketing budget and are […]

Stop selling cakes – start selling memories

How do you create really engaging advertising for your cakes? By focusing on the benefits of the cake, instead of the cake itself. So what is the benefit of a cake? To answer that we need to think about what motivates your customers. So let’s take a bride. What does she care about the most? […]

Attract 1,000s of cake customers a month by using Google Places properly

Chances are you fit into one of two camps: Those that haven’t bothered to register their business on Google Places. Those that have registered but aren’t sure if they’ve done enough and, or aren’t convinced it was worth the effort So in this post I’m going to cover the following: What Google Places has done […]

My ultimate cake inspiration

So this is it – my first blog, it will be a blog about my cakey and business experiences to date and other such musings, interspersed with helpful marketing advice from Rob Watson (a great friend of mine and an experienced and resourceful marketing manager)… So to kick it all off I thought I would share where my […]

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